Wheaton College’s 2022 Poster Session Awardees

Avyi Hill1st Place - Avyi Hill

Title: Predicting Sleep Structure with a Hidden Markov Model
Advisor: Dr. Rosemary Braun – Molecular Biosciences Department, Northwestern University


Josh Meyer2nd Place - Joshua Meyer

Title: Determining the Energetics of Electrically Silent Translocation Through a Protein Nanopore
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


KJ Leong-Fern3rd Place - Kristin-Joy Leong-Fern

Title: Functional characterization of derivatized Nanopores
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


Connor-DavisHonorable Mention - Connor Davis

Title: Synthesis of Cyclic Phosphonamides via Intramolecular Buchwald-Hartwig Amidation
Advisor: Dr. Allison Dick – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


Lucy BrowningHonorable Mention - Lucy Browning

Title: Barriers & Drivers for the Implementation of Workplace Breastfeeding Supports in Naivasha, Kenya
Advisor: Dr. Scott Ickes – Biological and Health Sciences Department, Wheaton College


Sophie-AndersonHonorable Mention - Sophie Anderson

Title: Analyzing Small Molecule and Polymer Events in a Protein Nanopore for Paired Optical and Electrical Measurements
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Burden, Dr. Lisa Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College