Summer Research Program

Darren with students

Wheaton College Summer Research Program

Every year, a cohort of motivated Wheaton students are named Undergraduate Research Fellows and are invited to participate in Wheaton’s Summer Research Program.

The Undergraduate Research Fellows, who receive stipends and no-cost housing, research forty hours per week for ten weeks under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The Wheaton College Summer Research Program is funded with project support from federal research agencies (the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, etc.), the Wheaton College Alumni Association and generous donors.

Faculty Awards Variant"Mentoring summer research students is one of the most memorable and satisfying aspects of my job. The scientific mentoring we are able to offer at Wheaton compares very favorably to those experiences at R1 schools with strong physics research programs and then we add on top of this the value of one-on-one whole person mentoring by a Christian faculty member. It is rare for external summer programs to pair undergrads with faculty. More typically a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher would be the day-to-day supervisor even if a faculty member is the official mentor. But at Wheaton our students get to spend 10 weeks working side-by-side with faculty who deeply care about them as whole persons. It really is an incredible experience for both faculty and students."
- Darren Craig, Ph.D. - Physics Department at Wheaton College

Comments from former Wheaton College Undergraduate Research Fellows

  • “My research and collaboration with faculty was extremely fulfilling, and the research that I conducted has provided an amazing foundation for my future endeavors in graduate school.”
  • “This program is a great experience for undergraduates to not only expand on their academic research experiences, but to build professional and personal connections with their advisors and other student researchers across various disciplines. Looking ahead to the future, I feel that this program has better prepared me in my experience, abilities, and expectations to continue to pursue research after college. “
  • “Through my experience in summer research, I have been the recipient of excellent mentorship from my professor in both my personal and professional life. I've been challenged this summer to tasks I have never done before and discovered that I may be a researcher at heart. I've more seriously considered a career in the academy as I am learning my strengths and passion.”

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