Poster Session Awardees

Wheaton College’s 2022 Poster Session Awardees

In the fall, Undergraduate Research Fellows and Wheaton students who have conducted research at other institutions come together to showcase their research in our annual Poster Session.

This year's top research presentations and posters, as evaluated by the Poster Session judges, are:

Avyi Hill1st Place - Avyi Hill

Title: Predicting Sleep Structure with a Hidden Markov Model
Advisor: Dr. Rosemary Braun – Molecular Biosciences Department, Northwestern University


Josh Meyer2nd Place - Joshua Meyer

Title: Determining the Energetics of Electrically Silent Translocation Through a Protein Nanopore
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


KJ Leong-Fern3rd Place - Kristin-Joy Leong-Fern

Title: Functional characterization of derivatized Nanopores
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


Connor-DavisHonorable Mention - Connor Davis

Title: Synthesis of Cyclic Phosphonamides via Intramolecular Buchwald-Hartwig Amidation
Advisor: Dr. Allison Dick – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College


Lucy BrowningHonorable Mention - Lucy Browning

Title: Barriers & Drivers for the Implementation of Workplace Breastfeeding Supports in Naivasha, Kenya
Advisor: Dr. Scott Ickes – Biological and Health Sciences Department, Wheaton College


Sophie-AndersonHonorable Mention - Sophie Anderson

Title: Analyzing Small Molecule and Polymer Events in a Protein Nanopore for Paired Optical and Electrical Measurements
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Burden, Dr. Lisa Burden – Chemistry Department, Wheaton College