Speakers and Presentations

Emily Wenger headshotDr. Emily Wenger

AI, Security, and Society

Emily Wenger (PhD, University of Chicago) is a research scientist at Meta AI; beginning in July 2024, she will be an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University. She, along with two colleagues, was named to the 2024 Forbes 30 under 30 list for work on Glaze, a tool that protects artists' work from unwanted use in generative AI models.


Joshua Swamidass headshotDr. S. Joshua Swamidass

Using Machine Learning to Make Safer Medicines

Joshua Swamidass (PhD and MD, University of California, Irvine) is an associate professor in the Laboratory and Genomic Medicine Division at Washington University in St Louis. His research focuses on using computational methods to solve problems at the intersection of medicine, chemistry and biology. He also writes on matters at the intersection of science and faith.


Joshua Nemecek HeadshotJoshua Nemecek

AI Frontiers and Challenges in the Human Processes of Bible Translation

Joshua Nemecek is a data scientist at SIL International, working on NLP and AI applications for the world's languages. His prior work included 20 years of service as an analyst in the Department of Defense. Current areas of research include augmented quality assessment of translations, AI applications in oral translation processes, and sign language production tools. Joshua has engaged in collaborations with multiple university and industry partners, and co-authored a paper presented at EMNLP 2022. He also serves as a mentor for the local FIRST Robotics team.


Ying Li HeadshotDr. Ying Li

Machine Learning and Data Science for Humanitarian Actions: A Review

Ying Li (PhD, University of British Columbia) is the Chief Science Officer at AwanTunai, which provides capital funding to support small and medium enterprises in Indonesia. She has over 100 patents filed or granted in data mining, text mining, machine learning, and software optimization. In 2022-2023, Dr. Li was a visiting instructor at Wheaton College.