Arts in London

Earn four credits while living and learning in London!

This information is based on the most recent offering of the program and will be updated when offered next. (Anticipated Summer 2025)

Program Overview

Arts in London is a four-week culture program in London, England. The program offers a variety of opportunities for students to attend concerts, theater, opera, and ballet and visit museums and art galleries while living in London. Day long excursions (Chichester, Worchester, and the birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar) provide the opportunity to experience "the arts" in different areas of Britain. 

Sponsoring Department: Conservatory of Music 

Highlights: Experience Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre, attend Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and hike the Malvern Hills!

Program offering is subject to internal approval, minimum enrollment, and ongoing evaluation of local conditions, including enhanced health and safety reviews.

Course Offerings

Students enroll in 4 credit hours for the summer.

ART101: Art Survey (2 credit hours) VPAV tag
Cultural survey of the visual arts through visits to numerous London art galleries. 

MUCS 275/COMM 275: Musical Theater in London (2 credit hours) VPAM tag
Students will explore Musical Theater as a communication art form and study its development with emphasis on the relationship of London's West End to New York's Broadway. As part of the course, students attend the theater, opera, ballet and other shows.

MUCS 263: 19th Century Music (2 credit hours)
Impact of literature, nature, and nationalism on music; programmatic elements. Emphasis on social history, composers, works, genres, style, and performance-practice. The rise of scholarship; post-romanticism.

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