Physics Student Involvement

4 women holding small whiteboards with physics equations on themThe Physics/Engineering Department at Wheaton is small enough that you will know almost everyone, but large enough to offer you the opportunity to be involved at many different levels.

Whatever your interests are, whether you just want to hang out with other physics or engineering students during the Thursday morning Tea & Cookie time, or want to take part in outreach, engineering competitions, or work alongside professors as a Teaching Assistant in the department, we have a place for you to get involved. There are also two student-led clubs active in the department: The Society of Physics Students for physics majors (and everyone else interested in physics and fun) and Ingenium, the engineering club.

Society of Physics Students

 Wheaton has a very active and outstanding Society of Physics Students chapter.


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Student Employment Opportunities

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Research Opportunities

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Human Needs and Global Resources

HNGR combines classroom study with field-based service-learning internships in which students participate in transformational initiatives that enable people to live whole, secure, and productive lives.