Student Employment Opportunities

Learn, Serve, and Make Money: All at the Same Time!

While you are at Wheaton College, you also have the opportunity to work in the physics department. Of course, every student appreciates earning a bit of money, but most importantly we believe that employment in the department offers you a unique chance to learn physics on a deeper level and serve others. It is also a great opportunity to build your resume or CV.

Starting your sophomore year, you will be eligible (and encouraged) to apply for a number of teaching assistant (TA) positions in many areas around the Physics Department. Whether you like to be hands-on with students, behind the scenes, or somewhere in between, there is something for you. Examples of positions which are available to students in the physics department at Wheaton College are:

  • Lab TA
  • Lab Setup TA
  • Grader for Introductory Physics courses
  • Grader for upper level Physics courses, such as Thermal Physics and Computer Modeling of the Physical World
  • Assistant for Group Problem Sessions (which we call Collaborative Conundrums)
  • Astronomy Observatory Guide

As a physics department TA, you will get to work closely with a faculty member and receive training, so that you can be confident that you know how to do your job properly.