Student Employment Opportunities for Physics and Engineering Majors

Learn, Serve, and Make Money: All at the Same Time!

Student in Wheaton College Physics LabWhile you are at Wheaton College, you also have the opportunity to work in the Physics and Engineering department. Of course, every student appreciates earning a bit of money, but most importantly we believe that employment in the department offers you a unique chance to learn physics on a deeper level and serve others. It is also a great opportunity to build your resume or CV.

Starting your sophomore year, you will be eligible (and encouraged) to apply for a number of teaching assistant (TA) positions in many areas around the department. Whether you like to be hands-on with students, behind the scenes, or somewhere in between, there is something for you. Examples of positions which are available to students in the physics department at Wheaton College are:

  • Lab TA
  • Lab Setup TA
  • Grader for Introductory Physics courses
  • Grader for upper level Physics courses, such as Thermal Physics and Computer Modeling of the Physical World
  • Assistant for Group Problem Sessions (which we call Collaborative Conundrums)
  • Astronomy Observatory Guide

As a department TA, you will get to work closely with a faculty member and receive training, so that you can be confident that you know how to do your job properly.

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