Extra-curriculars and Clubs for Physics and Engineering Majors

Ingenium Engineering Club

Dr. Hsu with Student in Engineering Lab

Wheaton’s student-run Ingenium engineering club is open to all students interested in engineering and lets you put your classroom theory into practice. Headed by engineering students and guided by engineering professor Dr. David Hsu, Ingenium provides a place where students can work and collaborate on specific projects. Ingenium takes advantage of Wheaton’s engineering lab and machine shop for student work on projects.

Ingenium is currently working on two projects:  A LiDAR project that records changes in materials as archeological sites are excavated and a drone project, with intended uses in emergency situations.

Society for Physics Students

SPS Logo

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) at Wheaton College is a student club open to anyone with an interest in physics. With the guidance of a faculty advisor SPS seeks to foster community among those with a common interest of physics beyond that attained in the classroom. SPS holds game and movie nights as a fun way to get to know others involved in physics. We also encourage professional development though workshops, lectures, and field trips to nearby research institutions and labs (e.g. Fermilab and Argonne).

Another goal of SPS is physics outreach in the community. At least once a semester, SPS members put together a physics demo show and perform it at a local grade school. This is not only a great way to get young students excited about science, but also provides SPS members an excuse to play with physics toys and share the love of physics! SPS loves to welcome new faces so look for information about meetings and activities around the Physics and Engineering Department.

Research Opportunities

Check out the exciting research opportunities available to physics and engineering students.