Mathematics Program

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About the Mathematics Major

The mathematics major at Wheaton provides a broad exposure to the core themes in mathematics and statistics. Rigorous courses in mathematics and statistics combined with experiences in mathematical modeling and computing (using Java, MATLAB, and R) provide our majors with opportunities in industry, graduate school, or secondary education. The math major is well-suited to be combined with other majors such as business, economics, physics, computer science, engineering, or chemistry. 

Mathematics Courses and Requirements

Check the academic catalog for current information about mathematics courses and requirements.

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Upper-Level Math

Calculus and linear algebra constitute the foundation for most of modern, upper-level mathematics.  Beyond these core courses, the study of mathematics is roughly divided into the overlapping areas of pure math and applied math.

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Calculus Readiness Assessment

Students who plan to enroll in MATH 135 (Calculus for Business) or MATH 235 (Calculus I) must have credit for MATH 131 (Precalculus) or demonstrate precalculus competence on Wheaton College’s Calculus Readiness Assessment (CRA), a dynamic, online assessment that evaluates students’ strengths in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry.

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Opportunities for Mathematics Majors

Activities for Mathematics Majors include: 

  • Collaborative Research
  • Summer Opportunities
  • Student Employment in the Department
  • Competitions
  • Budapest Semester
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Meet Our Faculty Mathematics Faculty

Our faculty bring decades of experience in relevant areas of study such as:

Finite Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Computational Science, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Community-Based Operations Research, Mathematics Education, Calculus, Linear Algebra and more!


Danilo Diedrichs, Ph.D. Headshot

Danilo Diedrichs, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics, Department Chair
Peter Jantsch, Ph.D. Headshot

Peter Jantsch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Martha Van Zee, M.S. Ed. Headshot

Martha Van Zee, M.S. Ed.

Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics
Mary Vanderschoot, Ph.D. Headshot

Mary Vanderschoot, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Natural Sciences, Professor of Mathematics

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