Alpha Iota Sigma: IDS Honors Society

The mission of Alpha Iota Sigma is to recognize and advance the academic scholarship and achievements of interdisciplinary students.

As an honor society, Alpha Iota Sigma:

  • promotes the benefits of interdisciplinary work;
  • provides a forum to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among students, faculty, and community members;
  • investigates and encourages methods of interdisciplinary learning;
  • enhances understanding and application of interdisciplinary knowledge among the general public;
  • creates a sense of community among interdisciplinary students and graduates of interdisciplinary programs.

Student members of Alpha Iota Sigma advance this mission by:

  • motivating their peers to excel in interdisciplinary scholarship;
  • fostering connections between their academic coursework and the larger community through civic engagement projects;
  • encouraging honors graduates to be leaders in addressing the complex problems of contemporary society with the highest intellectual, ethical, and moral standards.