About the IDS Program

The selective Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program at Wheaton College offers students opportunities for rigorous academic study grounded in biblical perspective. IDS majors engage in innovative and independent inquiry by integrating coursework across disciplines within a supportive learning environment.

The striking thing about much of higher education today is the emphasis on information without the cultivation of curiosity or inquiry. By contrast, IDS majors are not content with facts alone. They want to understand the significance of those facts in the context of a bigger picture.

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Program Distinctions

Wheaton’s IDS program is one of the highest ranked interdisciplinary studies programs in the nation and maintains active memberships in prestigious interdisciplinary associations.

Diversity Commitment

The Interdisciplinary Studies program invites students to explore, learn from, and integrate diverse perspectives while honoring difference.

Guiding Directives

IDS majors develop a set of guiding directives to shape the direction of their individualized programs of study.

Custom Programs of Study

Based on their chosen Guiding Directives, IDS majors build a customized Program of Study by selecting approved coursework from multiple disciplinary areas.