Career Opportunities for Engineering Graduates

Wheaton College Engineering students writing equation on glass

What Do Engineers Do?

Skilled engineers are some of the most highly sought-after employees around the world. Engineering occupations are expected to grow as much as 10 percent in the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An engineering degree can take you many places. The obvious direction is to become an engineer! As a civil engineer you may design roads, bridges and other structures, or the land that they sit on. A mechanical engineer is usually someone who works with machines that generate, distribute or use energy. This could be anything from a simple crank to a rocket, or the HVAC system in your house. An electrical engineer designs, develops and maintains electrical systems for a wide range of applications. And a chemical engineer turns raw materials into useful products, from food to fuel and much more in-between. Of course, these are only some of many engineering fields you may work in.

But your engineering degree may take you in another direction. The type of critical, analytical and creative thinking that you learn as an engineer helps you to identify a problem, figure out a solution, and follow-through on its implementation. This sets you up well to work in management, law, medicine, and many other fields. So what do people with engineering degrees do?  Almost anything they put their minds to.

 The Wheaton College Center for Vocation and Career will be happy to partner with you to explore the many career options available to you with this degree.

Why Study Engineering at Wheaton College?

As an engineering student at Wheaton, you'll:

  • Develop rigorous and highly transferable problem-solving skills that draw on analytical thinking, computer modeling, and hands-on experimental skills.
  • Serve others by learning to apply scientific knowledge to meet the practical needs of individuals, businesses, and communities.
  • Join other skilled engineers as one of the most highly sought-after employees around the world.

Engineering Schools Where Our Students Have Finished the Dual Degree

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It was amazing to me how well Wheaton prepared me for the writing and presenting portions of my engineering school studies compared to the other students. — Meryl Bloomfield '16


Engineering Alumni Careers

  • Senior Engineer, Bosch
    Mark Richard Sonnenberg '95
  • Project Engineer, Shure Incorporated
    Bryan Lee Joswiak '97
  • Senior Quality Manager, Pepper Construction Company
    Benjamin H. Dykstra, '01
  • Lead Quality and Reliability Engineer/Project Manager, Intel Co.
    Daniel Turner '07
  • ADAS and Self-Driving Technical Specialist, Faraday Future
    Oliver M. Jeromin '02
  • Security Engineer, IOMAXIS
    Matthew Richard Benton '03
  • Weight and Mass Properties Engineer 3, Boing Commercial Airplanes
    Colleen M. Chapman '05
  • Systems and Services Program Manager, Tenessee Valley Authority
    Timothy Banning Frazier '06
  • WASH Engineer, Samaritan's Purse (Philippines)
    Katelyn Holmberg, '14