Wheaton College Plans with Illinois Tech and NIU

3-2 Dual Degree Engineering

As a dual degree student, you’ll get three years of Wheaton’s faith-based residential college experience before completing your engineering degree at an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)-accredited school. 

As you discover your engineering passion(s), you’ll be able to choose a transfer school based on your specific career interests. Maybe aerospace or architectural engineering? Or perhaps biomedical or computer engineering. Your dedicated program adviser can help you figure it out! 

Graduate with Two Degrees

You will graduate with two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts Engineering from Wheaton, and a Bachelor of Science degree in a specific engineering field from an ABET–accredited engineering program at another institution.

Take Advantage of Wheaton's Special Agreements with ABET-accredited Schools

Wheaton has special agreements with Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech), Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) that include easy-to-follow program guides. Wheaton also has an affiliation with Case Western Reserve University.

Students completing their engineering coursework at a school in the vicinity of Wheaton College (e.g. Illinois Tech, Northern Illinois University, or University of Illinois - Chicago) during the last two years of the five year program, by virtue of their continuing in the Wheaton College dual degree program, may remain in Wheaton College housing and may continue to participate fully in extracurricular activities at the College, including athletics. 

Wheaton programs with Illinois Tech include:

Wheaton programs with NIU include: