Engineering Student Internship Stories

Internships form a crucial part of the education and training of an engineer. Here is a look at several recent Wheaton engineering student internships.

McKenzie Blank ’ 22

Chemical Engineering - Goulston Technologies


I did an internship at Goulston Technologies this summer in their research and development lab. I made some great connections there and am definitely already thinking about full-time employment that is rapidly approaching.


Emilie Gist ’24

Civil Engineering - Kuhn and Trello of Springfield, IL

Engineering Student

Emilie produced engineering drawings and calculations for roads and bridges. She made some site visits. She found her internship through a softball tournament connection.


Stephen Richardson ’23

Civil Engineering - Wheaton College

engineering student

I was a construction management intern at Wheaton College, managing smaller renovation projects being done by in-house shops and local contractors as well as learning from and getting involved in larger construction projects being done by large general contractors and engineering firms. The outputs produced were the locations built/renovated. Reports or papers were not produced.

Daniel Songer ’21

Computer Engineering - Ewert Energy Systems

Daniel SongerMy internship was still with Ewert Energy Systems (ESS), Inc., Carol Stream, IL.  EES is a small but growing company that produces and distributes battery management systems that monitor electric car battery cells, allowing the cells to run safely and efficiently. At EES, I printed circuit boards, assisted with aluminum casting development to encase battery management systems and worked on a CCS Fast Charging system (similar systems are common in Europe and just now coming to the U.S.).  The fast charging system will reduce charging time from about 4 hours to 20 minutes.  For this work, I used various programming languages, including Python, C and Java.  I am pleased to be able to continue to work with EES on weekends.

Colin Uveges ’22

Mechanical Engineering - Premier Mechanical Inc. 

engineering student

I did have an internship with Premier Mechanical Inc. out of Addison and they offered me a job as a Project Manager which I accepted! I will be starting there after this year in the summer. One of the executives of the company told me how they are always looking for interns, but they have trouble finding them.

Anna Webster ’22

Mechanical Engineering - Diesel Radiator

Anna Webster

This summer, I kept working for Diesel Radiator on the maintenance team. It was similar to last summer when I was doing a lot of electrical, fixing machines and doing other projects, but I was able to be a lot more independent because I had more experience. It was a lot of fun, and I wish I could continue working there during the semester. Instead, I will hopefully be helping with research on superconductors at Fermilab! It’s a new position that NIU and Fermilab are trying out. I’ll be working for a researcher at Fermilab, but I will be able to do some of the research in the labs at NIU. It’s totally different than anything I’ve done before, so I’m excited to see all the new things I’ll learn.