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Wheaton College Geology Students at the Grand Canyon 2024

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Geology Program

At Wheaton, we prepare geoscientists and community leaders for a world of expanding knowledge, diminishing natural resources, and rapid environmental change. You will be equipped to pursue careers and graduate school relevant to water and mineral resources, energy, natural hazards, agriculture, sustainability, environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, global climate change, and scientific discovery. 

Professor Maniero with Environmental Science students doing research in the field

Environmental Science Program

Environmental Science is a problem-based discipline that draws on a broad understanding of biology, geology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to develop holistic solutions to pressing environmental challenges. At Wheaton, all this is integrated under a strong biblical environmental ethic to comprehensively steward the environment that God has entrusted to us.

Wheaton College IL Students on Black Hills Field Trip

Aequitas Fellows Program in Sustainability

The Aequitas Fellows Program in Sustainability offers Wheaton College students a unique, multi-disciplinary opportunity to directly relate their robust Christian liberal arts education to the needs of contemporary society, to develop a personal ethic of creation care, and to practically address global environmental degradation. 

Wheaton College Field Station - Inspiration Point
Study in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Wheaton in the Black Hills

The Wheaton College Field Station is the home base for the annual field camp. This camp offers hands-on experience in field methods and regional geology and ecosystem studies for geology and environmental science majors, respectively. Through mapping exercises focused on local geological features, students can integrate their understanding of rocks, minerals, and structural and stratigraphic concepts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the regional geology in the Black Hills. Environmental science majors learn about zoology, botany, and ecology with numerous field trips, experiences, and activities to get a complete picture of the ecosystems there.


More About the Field Station
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Department Opportunities

With state-of-the-art facilities in the Meyer Science Center, our department supports abundant faculty and student research opportunities. The global campus spans from the Wheaton College Field Station to the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute in Thailand. Field trips, internships, and seminars provide faculty, students, and alumni with opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge geoscience inquiries. Post-graduation alumni-led trips enhance experiential learning.

Meyer Science Center - at Wheaton College IL - front


The Meyer Science Center, a LEED gold-certified building, features research labs and an extensive array of environmental equipment. The department houses analytical instrumentation such as X-ray diffractometers and spectrometers, while students benefit from nearby resources like Chicago's zoos and forest preserves. Additionally, the Wheaton College Field Station in the Black Hills offers unique ecological and geological study opportunities, including access to iconic national parks and the surrounding areas.

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The CONTACT newsletter is published annually to stay connected with our alumni and former students. We feature stories from faculty, staff, and students, news of interest, lists of publications, and other information about what is happening in the department and in the field. Read the latest issue

Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty are published authors, with numerous publications in prestigious journals and books. They cover diverse areas of earth and environmental science, from tectonics to air quality. These accomplished scholars also foster student growth through mentorship, leading to collaborative research and invaluable field experiences.

Katy Foltz Headshot

Katy Foltz

Lab Associate/Office Coordinator
Charles "Chris" B. Keil, Ph.D., CIH Headshot

Charles "Chris" B. Keil, Ph.D., CIH

Professor of Environmental Science
Andrew Luhmann, Ph.D. Headshot

Andrew Luhmann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geology
Kathryn Maneiro, Ph.D. Headshot

Kathryn Maneiro, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geology
Stephen Moshier, Ph.D. Headshot

Stephen Moshier, Ph.D.

Professor of Geology Emeritus

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