Mandarin Worship Night

Mandarin Worship Nights are self-organized by students and hosted by the Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC). Over the summer of 2020, many Chinese students were unable to go home due to the pandemic. They stayed on campus and started their worship together to encourage each other during the difficult time. To extend to the campus their joy of worshipping in their native tongue, CLACC hosted the first Mandarin Worship Night outdoor in Fall 2020, including devotionals, singing, Scripture reading, and Creed recitations in Mandarin and English, all themed around "Love." In Spring 2022, CLACC hosted the second Mandarin Worship Night indoor.

Below are some testimonials from students who attended the events.

"The CLACC worship night was special to me because not only was I using my Chinese language skills to read the lyrics, I was using them to directly worship God. I went to the CLACC worship night last year and remember feeling a bit out of place since I didn’t know many people and had just started learning the language. But this year, I could probably read about 40-50% of the characters, and was so happy to look around and see many familiar faces. I’m really thankful to be a part of the CLACC community and get to know Christians from around the world." 

"The worship and time of prayer were exactly what I needed. It was especially very sweet when I knew all of the English songs and some of the Chinese songs, and even for the ones I didn't know they all used very similar characters so I could still follow/sing along (hehe yay). I hope they know that the time and effort all spent into organizing the night is so appreciated and was so glorifying to God! They created a very holy atmosphere to spend time with Jesus, so I'm very grateful, especially since I know these things are not quick and easy to plan."