Business and Economics FAQs

Q: Who teaches undergraduate business and economics courses at Wheaton?

Wheaton’s business and economics department has 12 full-time, tenure-track professors, whose primary role is that of teacher. Meet our impressive faculty >

To provide more elective courses, Wheaton also employs guest faculty, often successful practitioners with advanced degrees such as MBAs, who leverage their background and experience, teaching courses such as Digital Marketing, Management Information Systems and Advanced Management Information Systems, International Dispute Resolution, Organizational Effectiveness, and New Venture Strategy. Meet our guest faculty > 

Q: What do Wheaton students do with their business and economics degrees?

Our alumni pursue a variety of career and academic opportunities. Read more about careers chosen by our alumni, and alumni testimonials about the value of their degree to their chosen field of work.

Q: What’s the value of a Wheaton education?

A Wheaton education prepares you for a livelihood and a life dedicated to serving Christ and his kingdom. Read more about  the value of a Wheaton education > 

Q: What’s available for international students?

The International Student Programs office for undergraduates and the Graduate Student Care office for graduate students are committed to supporting international students through the admissions process and through their entire time at Wheaton. Read more >

Q: What does the Honors Program involve?

The Honors Program offers eligible students advanced independent work, which culminates in a senior thesis and an Honors designation on the transcript and in the graduation program. 

Q: Where can I find information about Commencement?

The Office of the Registrar provides information about Commencement >

Q: Where can I find more information for parents?

Find out how you can cheer your student on, get involved and keep informed via Parent Engagement

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