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Whether it's data science, project management, marketing, sales, research and data analysis, or teaching English, our graduates have found jobs in a wide variety of fields and positions. But they all share one thing in common - the strengths of a Christian liberal arts business education have prepared them well for the next step of their journey.

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Business and Economics Alumni Testimonials

What’s so valuable about a Wheaton education? Read answers from our business and economics majors about why they value a liberal arts start, and how Wheaton prepared them for their careers.

Julia Wittrock Hensel ’15

Julia Wittrock Hensel '15 Spotlight Image Square"Wheaton has given me the ability to learn quickly and dive into new situations. After I graduated Wheaton, I started a position in supply chain at 3M. Unlike many of my colleagues, I had no formal education or training in supply chain. Yet, because of my liberal arts education, I knew how to think critically and ask good questions, which allowed me to thrive in this position."

Charity Fort ’12

Charity FortCharity graduated from Harvard Law School in 2015.

"I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate possessing a liberal arts degree. The training that I received at Wheaton in a variety of fields, with a theological perspective, was invaluable. While various classes in one's chosen field provide advantageous information, there is nothing more important than being introduced to new perspectives and approaches to work and life."

John Shackelford ’11

John ShacklefordSponsorships & Event Marketing, with Chick-fil-A, Inc. John manages the partnerships between Chick-fil-A and the College Football Hall of Fame, the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, and the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy.

"Wheaton’s liberal arts curriculum, rather than making me good at one particular skill, taught me the two most important lessons of my life: 1) how to think critically; and 2) how to lead. There are not many experiences in life for which I would be willing to pay for what a private secondary education costs, but my time at Wheaton has proved to be invaluable thus far in providing me opportunities for leveraging the gifts that God has given me for His Kingdom, and I am honored and still consider it a sincere privilege to be a 'Wheatie.'"

Anita Lin ’10

Anita LinM.B.A candidate at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Anita worked in human resources consulting for three years before transitioning to fulfillment services for one year. She began her M.B.A. studies in the fall of 2015, with a goal of working in social impact consulting and management.

"The value of a Wheaton education is immeasurable. Wheaton instilled in me a strong sense of knowing why I work and for Whom I work. That understanding still affects the way I do what I do. Moreover, my relationships from Wheaton remain my deepest. Though much of my Wheaton community is now across the globe, it continues to be my source of encouragement, accountability, and inspiration."

Michelle Pride ’08, M.A. ’09

Michelle Pride, alumna of the Wheaton College BusinessEcon DepartmentFounder and president of Trading Hope, a social selling company that fights poverty by sourcing products from small businesses with social missions around the world. With a vision to create sustainable change through opportunity and enterprise empowerment, she also just launched a subsidiary called The Foundry Marketplace.

"Wheaton redirected and reshaped my entire career path. I entered Wheaton intending to go into international law, but took one class with Dr. Norm Ewert and was floored by how business could transform lives and share the Gospel in tangible ways. Wheaton shifted my view of business to more than a funding platform for ministry; business itself is ministry and has incredible potential to transform lives.

Wheaton also taught me the value of a quadruple bottom line: people, profit, purpose and planet. My training at Wheaton prepared me to find success in any business environment, but more so to integrate my faith seamlessly with how I operate my business."

Andrew Follett ’06

Andrew Follet '06 alumnus of Wheaton College BusinessEcon DepartmentEntrepreneur and founder of Demo Duck, a Chicago-based video agency.

"Wheaton definitely has a big impact on what I’m doing today. It was the liberal arts nature of the school that prepared me—learning how to collaborate with others, communicate well, be responsible, and get things done well and on time."

Kristin Colber-Baker ’86

Kristin Colber Baker alumna of Wheaton College BusinessEcon DepartmentGlobal Director, Programs and Evaluation, Mars University

"I’m a firm believer that a liberal arts degree—regardless of major—prepares one well for any variety of marketplace careers. Through the diversity of subjects studied at Wheaton, I was able to learn critical and analytical thinking from a variety of perspectives, as well as hone my written and oral communication skills."

Don Meyer ’57

Don MeyerEntrepreneur who grew the Baillie Lumber Company (BLCO) of Hamburg, NY, into the largest hardwood lumber company in the United States, with markets in more than 75 countries.

"I came in cynical, not particularly wanting to be at Wheaton... and came out excited about the Scriptures and about the opportunity to be God’s person wherever I happened to work."

Meyer is also past director of the Hardwood Lumber Association; a member of the Hardwood Trade Council; the Young Life National Board and Buffalo committee; a director of Patkai Christian College in Nagaland, India; and on the boards of Jericho Road Ministries, Buffalo, NY, and Generous Giving.

Brian Wildman ’85

Brian WildmanExecutive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, MB Financial Bank

Brian has over 30 years of financial services experience, and serves as a member of the bank’s board of directors and executive management committee. He also serves on the board of Missionary Furlough Homes Foundation.

"As the world continuously changes, Wheaton graduates are able to adapt to their changing surroundings, while serving a God who never changes. They're able to do this because while at Wheaton, they've learned how to learn. Wheaton graduates are good communicators -- both orally and in writing. They're critical thinkers with strong foundations in ethical reasoning and integrity. I would put a Wheaton College graduate against a graduate from any other school and feel confident the Wheaton graduate would excel."

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