Web Roles and Responsibilities

Web Roles and Responsibilities

In order to maintain a healthy website, it is important to define the expected roles of those who manage the website and its content.

Web Team

Wheaton will maintain a central, dedicated web team which is comprised of the director of web communications, web editor, web product manager, web training and CMS specialist and media producer.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the web team will include:

  • training and support of content editors and subject matter experts
  • establishing web standards and ensuring web and brand standards are being maintained throughout the site through best practices sessions and regular content reviews
  • creation and maintenance of content on pages related generally to Wheaton College
  • assistance for campus departments and groups in creating and maintaining content, including copy, images and video
  • deleting pages
  • setting up web URL redirects
  • troubleshooting web errors/issues in partnership with AIT and development partners

Resource Allocation

Resources will be available from the web team so all reasonable requests can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable requests include those that directly support the goals and mission of the College as outlined in the web strategy document and strategic priorities. A reasonable amount of time for request for smaller requests will be one day to two weeks depending on the size and scope of the project. For larger, long-term projects, deadlines will be determined in consultation with the Web Advisory Committee and agreed upon before the project begins.

Work Scope

Wheaton’s web team will not be responsible for application development but will work closely with third party development partners to enhance and maintain applications. Charges may apply for projects that require significant web development.

Campus Community

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of campus departments and groups as related to the website will include: 


  • Ensure all content, including text, photo, videos and PDFs, whether posted themselves or with the assistance of other staffers and/or student workers or the web team, is in accordance with Wheaton College governance guidelines.
  • Create content at the direction of, or in collaboration with, the department’s content owner.
  • Complete and remain up-to-date on Sitecore training.

Content Owners

  • Identify a primary and secondary pagemaster for the department (content owner could also be pagemaster)
  • Ensure pagemasters complete and remain up-to-date with Sitecore training
  • Serve as subject matter experts
  • Create original content and/or collaborate with pagemaster and web team to do so
  • Partner with web team and department pagemaster to update and enhance web content as needed
  • Alert the web team when a faculty or staff person with a Sitecore account leaves the College so the account can be disabled

Chairs, Deans, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents

  • Guide the overall strategic direction of department’s positioning and messaging
  • Oversee the content owners and pagemasters within their department and ensure they are in compliance with governance guidelines

Project Roles

For each project, the web team and client will use the RACI matrix to clearly define agreed-upon roles for the project:

Responsibility: Who will perform the work
Accountability: Who has final decision making authority
Consultation: Who is providing information and feedback (two-way)
Informed: Who is kept informed of progress (one-way)