Web Oversight

Web Oversight

Oversight of the Wheaton College website is managed by the Web Governance Board and Web Advisory Committee.

Web Governance Board

The Web Governance Board is composed of the CIO, the chief marketing communications officer, and the director of web communications.

Responsibilities of Web Governance Board

It is the responsibility of the Web Governance Board to

  • Set the direction and policies for the College’s website and the web operating environment based on best practices and input from the Web Advisory Committee
  • Continually review opportunities to communicate relevant information to appropriate audiences and review requests from academic and administration stakeholders
  • In response to the needs of web visitors, provide oversight of and set strategic direction for wheaton.edu
  • Establish appropriate policies, processes, and procedures to govern current and future website standards
  • Evaluate effectiveness, content, standards, and policies for technology and editorial components
  • Ensure web system stability and reliability

Web Advisory Committee

The Web Advisory Committee is comprised of members of the web team as well as representatives from campus including:

  • AIT Communications
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate Admissions
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Vocation and Alumni Engagement
  • Undergrad Faculty Rep
  • Graduate Faculty Rep
  • Academic staff
  • Development
  • Centers
  • HoneyRock
  • Conservatory/Arts
  • Library and Archives
  • HR
  • Conference Services
  • Athletics
  • Student Development
  • Student Technology Advisory Committee 
  • Media Relations

This committee will meet once a semester and additionally as needed to provide input on web priorities and new ideas for development.

Throughout the year, campus community members are invited to send ideas, requests, problems, and concerns to the Web Governance Board for discussion at the Web Advisory Committee meetings as necessary to gain feedback and input before approval is granted.

Responsibilities of the Web Advisory Committee

  • Provide feedback and input on broad web initiatives on behalf of the individual as a user and the needs of their department or team
  • Suggest improvements to web functionality and user experience
  • Help to ensure site quality and content integrity within their spheres of influence
  • Serve as a “web ambassador” to department or team to help educate the campus and communicate web standards and initiatives

Project Request/Appeal Process

Projects may be submitted to any member of the web team. Projects will be discussed and scheduled by the web team. If the scope of the project is broad enough to affect multiple groups on campus, it may be brought before the Web Advisory Committee for discussion. The web team reserves the right to refuse any projects that are not aligned with the goals of the College. If the requesting party disagrees with the decision, it will be reviewed by the Web Governance Board, which will make the final decision.