Identification Cards

Public Safety manages the photo ID program for students, faculty, staff, and SRC members. Working in tandem with academic departments, Computing Services, Housing Services, and the SRC, your ID is setup to give you customized access to residences and other facilities (classrooms, labs, offices, recreational facilities). It also acts as a payment device at the various Bon Appétit cafés in the Beamer Center.

Student IDs

All students (new, returning, graduate) must complete the Wheaton College Student User Agreement prior to receiving their student ID.

Instructions for ID distribution will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my ID?
Your ID has many functions on campus, including, but not limited to, proximity access (beeping in) to residential and/or academic buildings, and the magstripe that lets you into your assigned residential room and/or academic rooms. Below are some instructions for using your ID to access these areas:

  • For proximity access wave your ID card in front of the boxes near exterior and floor doors until the reader beeps green and the door unlatches.
  • For room access your ID card functions like a hotel door: hold your card so that the magstripe is down and to the right, put your card in the lock, and pull it out.

Your student ID is also your official Wheaton College ID and must be presented on request by Public Safety. (See page 17 of the Wheaton College Student Handbook.)

How can I best take care of my ID?
Keep your ID in a wallet/card holder. There is a chip and a metal wire in your card that controls your ability to beep into your dorm. If that wire gets bent or damaged your card will stop working and must be replaced. We have noticed that students who keep their IDs in their pockets often have to get their card replaced during the year, so please take care of your card or you will need to replace it. Also, don’t punch a hole anywhere in your card.

What happens if I need to replace my student ID?
IDs can be replaced 8:00am to midnight, Monday through Friday (If you need a replacement ID over the weekend, please call ahead x5556, to check for availability). Our location is in Chase Service Center (Physical Plant) 924 College Ave.

Once you use your new ID in your door it will deactivate your old ID so if your old ID is found it cannot be used to gain entry to your room. We will also change your barcode so that your meal plan and library account are similarly protected.

What is the cost of replacing a student ID?
There is a $20 cost to replace a student ID which will be billed to the student’s account.  We do not take cash/credit/debit cards at this time. The charge applies to lost/stolen/ damaged/non-functioning cards.

Do I have to keep the same ID picture for all four years?
No, Public Safety prints new IDs during the summer. If you’d like to update your picture, please stop by the Public Safety Office before you leave campus for the summer.

Will I get a new ID next year?
Yes, all undergraduate students receive a new ID every fall that is valid for one academic year.