Admittance to Facilities

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Academic and Administrative buildings (e.g. Blanchard Hall, Wheaton Science Center) are accessible to members of the campus community and visitors during business hours Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Employees who wish to work in their office after-hours and possess keys are encouraged to contact Public Safety to advise us where they are and how long they will be working. Employees who do not have keys may request access from Public Safety and must present their College photo ID.

Students who need after-hours access must present an after-hours pass signed by a full- or permanent part-time employee of that department, as well as their student ID. Sunday access can be granted by the department chair only.

Students with after-hours passes may not admit others into the building or prop doors for late arrivals. Public Safety officers may confiscate the pass of the offender and escort everyone from the building. This action is supported by the academic deans.

Recreational Facilities

Hours of operation for the Sports and Recreation Complex and tennis courts are posted at the respective facilities. Practice fields have posted hours, but are frequently reserved by athletic teams.

Student Residences

Exterior doors to residence halls, apartment complexes, and campus-owned houses are locked 24/7. Resident students may gain access to the public areas (i.e. lobbies, foyers) of all residence halls and apartments with their ID card. If a student needs admittance to their residence during hours when Residence Life is not available, a Public Safety officer may admit them, provided the student presents a photo ID.

Public Safety officers routinely patrol the public areas of residence halls and apartment complexes for the safety and security of the residents. Fines may be levied against those who prop open exterior doors, as this action endangers the safety and security of the residents. During holidays and semester breaks, residences are monitored more closely by Public Safety. Access to residence halls during breaks must be authorized by a member of the Housing office.