Fire Safety

Fire Safety equipment such as fire alarms, extinguishers, and smoke detectors are located in all College buildings for safety and should be used only in emergency situations. No items may be moved to or stored within 18 inches of any sprinkler head. Tampering with fire equipment, disconnecting smoke alarms, or intentionally activating a fire alarm and/or ringing a false alarm constitutes a class 4 state felony.

The College will take disciplinary action, and each student in the room, apartment, house or hallway may be subject to a $100 minimum fine. Legal action and a fine up to $500 may be pursued by the Wheaton Police. Malfunctioning smoke alarms should be reported at once to Public Safety (x5911) 24 hours a day. Students who do not cooperate in evacuating a building when a fire alarm is sounded will be subject to disciplinary action and a $100 minimum fine.

Students should also assist in the promotion of basic fire safety principles. Fire exits should not be blocked and fire doors should not be propped open. Belongings should not be placed in hallways or stairwells. Students are encouraged to use power strips with circuit breakers in their rooms. All extension cords must have a ground wire. Playing sports indoors is prohibited. Sports equipment striking fire safety equipment will result in a $100 fine. Fire hazards should be reported to Public Safety.

Flammable Materials. Combustible materials, including flammable liquids, are not permitted in student rooms, storage areas or other College buildings. Additionally, the smoking of any substance on College property is prohibited. Candles and incense are prohibited due to insurance restrictions and to ensure fire prevention. Paper or cloth streamers, excessive paper items and organic decorative materials such as live Christmas trees, straw, and corn shucks are not permitted in College buildings. Materials which have been fireproofed are available and should be used. Due to the high temperature of their bulbs, halogen lamps are prohibited in College housing.