Wheaton College Brand and Content


The Brand and Content team gathers, produces, publishes, and promotes the stories of Wheaton College to advance the institutional brand to broader audiences through creative media including writing, photography, videography, and multimedia. We captivate audiences, inspire positive perception, and motivate constituents to action by revealing the College’s past and present impact, providing a window into the lives of Wheaton people and experiences, and publishing artful and thoughtful content. 

What We Do

  • Publish short news articles that announce or otherwise document institutional news in a timely, informational, and concise manner. (wheaton.edu/news)
  • Publish Wheaton magazine in print and online, including journalism that delves deeper into the personalities, histories, experiences, and ideas that make up the Wheaton story. Wheaton magazine is published in print biannually and continuously online. (wheaton.edu/magazine)
  • Manage institutional social media, promoting events and campus community achievements, primarily through original posts, reshares, links, and photo galleries. More info on social media >
  • Produce and publish brand and storytelling videos in support of institutional marketing initiatives. More info on video >
  • Capture and manage photography in support of institutional marketing initiatives. More info on photography >
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