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Marketing Communications at Wheaton College

The Department of Marketing Communications is a diverse collection of marketing and communications professionals who have a passion for telling the Wheaton College story. Our experienced team offers its expertise to help your marketing initiatives reach your audience, connect with the mission, and reinforce the identity of the College in order to achieve your desired goals.


The Marketing Communications department is consistently recognized for outstanding work. 

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The goal of marketing is always to move people to some type of action. The four key words below provide a simple framework for us to reference as we collaborate together.

  • Value - Who is my target audience? Is what we are communicating valuable to the target audience? What do I want them to do with the information?
  • Accountability - Can we deliver on the promises being made?
  • Simplicity - Have all unnecessary elements been removed (words & design) in order to create the greatest clarity?
  • Consistency - Is it consistent with the Wheaton College mission and brand guidelines?

How We Do It

We want to make marketing easy for you. Collaboration is key to success. Our goal is to listen carefully and then provide guidance and recommendations.

  • A single contact to get you started – x5647
  • Proactive communication about the status of your project
  • Biannual marketing updates, training and sharing of ideas
  • Access to these helpful resources:
  • Logos
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Guidelines
Submit a Story

Do you have a great idea for a possible story?

Great stories...

  • feature people
  • have a narrative arc
  • give behind the scenes info
  • show transformation
  • highlight Wheaton's strengths
  • celebrate achievements such as anniversaries, awards, milestones, overcoming obstacles, etc.
  • tie together multiple parts of the Wheaton experience