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Faculty and Staff

Some of the most commonly requested information for staff and faculty from the College Post Office at Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL.

Q: Can I send personal stuff out through CPO?

A: Yes!  Please make sure you put the correct postage on a piece of mail and we can pick it up from your folder and send it away for you.  If you don’t know the correct postage our window is open during business hours to assist you.

Q: How do I make sure my packages gets to me?

A: Please make sure that your name and department name are located on the address label.  Room Numbers and Building names are not part of our system.  Please refrain from putting them on your address labels.

Q: I have an email that says my package is here!  When will I receive it?

A: We pick the mail up at 8:30AM.  Our routes leave at 9:00AM and 2:00PM.  Due to the large volume of packages we daily receive, expect to receive your mail and packages between 2:00PM and 3:00PM.

Q: How do I make my mail ready for processing at CPO?

A: Make sure that your envelopes are all addressed properly and have a return address.  Please include a department name or Postal account number with your mail.  Self-sealing envelopes should be sealed before sending them to CPO.  Unsealed letters should have their flaps open and nested like this: 7777

Q: I need more inter-office mailers!  How do I get them?

A: To request additional Inter-office Mailers call CPO at x5083 or send an email to CPO@wheaton.edu.  State your name and department and how many mailers you need.  We will send those out to you on the next route.