Network Printing

An icon of a printer Faculty and staff can install their department's network printers on college-owned machines.

Installing Network Printers

Quick Tips

  • If you are not sure what printer you need to install, try sorting the list of printers by department by clicking on "Printer Location." You can also ask other people in your department for the name of the printer, or department's printer.
  • The cost for printing is 4 cents per side for black and white printouts or copies and 12 cents per side for color printouts or copies. 

Students printing on behalf of departments

If a student needs to print and charge a department, they will need to be given access to that print account in PaperCut. To add or change user access and accounts for your copier/printing billing, please complete the PaperCut Access Request Sheet and send it to

If you will be setting up a student with a student worker account, you will need to fill out the Student Worker Account Request form and when the account has been created, you will need to fill out the PaperCut Access Request Sheet and send it to

Confidential Documents

If you need to print confidential or sensitive documents to public printers, you can follow these instructions so the document is only printed when you manually release it. Depending on the printer and the computer you're using, you will use different instructions.