Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

An icon of a teacher teaching with a computer The majority of our classrooms have built-in presentation technology and other amenities to aid teaching and learning.

What Technology is in My Classroom?

Classroom and Lab Technology

To see what technology is in your classroom, visit this Knowledge Base article and search for your classroom number. >>

Or, you can use the campus event scheduler to explore the technology available in each room.

  1. Use Search Locations under quick search.
  2. Click on the Details tab once you select the room.

This will list the technology features in each room as well as the operating system of the classroom computer.

To see what software is installed for Macs and PCs in the classroom, view this Knowledge Base article.

Connecting Your Laptop

To learn how to connect your laptop to a classroom computer, you can view this Knowledge Base article.

Video into Schoology

Do you have a video you would like to show to your students? Is it on a DVD or Blu-ray disk?  Ingest it into Ensemble. Read more here.


To schedule onsite orientation or training prior to use, contact the AIT Service Desk or call 630.752.4357 (HELP).