Meg Wolfe, Vanguard '21

Where are you from? 

Rochester, Minnesota

Why did you choose to pursue the Vanguard Gap Year program?

I was planning to go to college in California, and then my school went online because of COVID. I knew that wouldn’t be the best option for me, so I applied to Vanguard. Within three weeks of being interviewed, I was living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

What do you intend to do after Vanguard?

I plan on going to school, I’m just not sure where yet. I’m interested in anything to do with people—how they relate to each other and how they work. 

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

Whenever there is a group of people and we’re laughing—all of those moments combined. HoneyRock has brought me so much joy.

Which HoneyRock activities and events have you been enjoying?

I’ve been enjoying a lot of different things! Ice skating, impromptu dance parties, riding horses in the barn, and vespers, our Sunday evening worship nights, are just a few.  

What are your feelings on classes and seminars in your Vanguard experience so far?

I like how our readings and discussions provoke conversations outside of class. Topics like racial justice and the spiritual vs secular divide are things that we’re able to talk about freely. In the seminars, we learn a lot in a very little amount of time, which is pretty neat.

Do you have a favorite spot to hang out at HoneyRock?

I love to go to the chapel and play piano.

What work rotations have you done and how have they been going?

I was in media for my first work rotation, which entailed having a lot of fun doing photography and writing. Currently, I’m in construction and we’re renovating a building for future living spaces. It’s very different from media, but I’m still learning a lot. 

What daily HoneyRock rhythms have influenced you?

I think all of the daily rhythms continue to help me refocus on God throughout the day. Whether it’s singing the doxology before lunch or coming together after dinner for evening prayer, it puts everything I do into a spiritual perspective. 

What are new practices that Vanguard has provided in your life?

Going through the daily office, the ancient pattern of morning and evening prayer, is something I never did, and so praying and digging into Scripture multiple times a day has provided a good routine. All Vanguards have also taken up a spiritual discipline, which has challenged me to stay on top of my new practices. 

How have grads and fellows been influencing your time at HoneyRock?

The Fellows live right across the hall from us and work with us, so they are a very organic part of the Vanguard program—that’s how it’s designed. We also have one on ones with the Fellows, which is a weekly check in that has really helped me navigate life at HoneyRock. Grads have a lot of schoolwork but always make sure to spend time with us. I love all of the advice and wisdom they have to share with us, whether at lunch or at a broomball game.

What is your favorite part about living in the Northwoods?

The sheer number of things I can do within a five-minute walk of my bedroom door. There’s a rock-climbing wall, horses I can visit, cross country ski trails, a broomball court, an ice-skating rink, and a lake I can walk on whenever I want. The best part is how I can do all of it with the friends I have made here.