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We are planning for a safe opening for every student in August for our on-campus orientation and classes, but like all schools we are preparing for any and all contingencies. Rest assured many gifted and dedicated people are at the forefront making good decisions as we prepare for students’ arrival in the fall.

This FAQ page is related to policies and information relevant to admitted and prospective undergraduate students. We will do our best to provide updates to this page as they become available.

Please continue to follow Wheaton College's COVID-19 webpage for regular, institutional updates.

Will Wheaton consider distance learning in the fall if the pandemic continues?

We are planning for a safe and on-time opening for every student in August for our on-campus orientation and classes, but like all schools we are preparing for any and all contingencies.

Has Wheaton College adjusted the deadline for Fall 2020 admitted students to accept their offer of admission?

While many students have already committed to enrolling at Wheaton, in response to student and parent feedback during these uncertain times, Wheaton College has extended its deposit deadline to June 1. Admitted students can confirm their enrollment at choose.wheaton.edu.

Will my $300 advance tuition deposit be refundable?

All advance tuition deposits are refundable through June 1. To request an advance tuition deposit refund, email admissions@wheaton.edu.

I had hoped to visit campus this spring to finalize my college decision. Are there virtual visit options for me to help me know if Wheaton is the right fit?

Yes! Through the spring we are hosting virtual Admitted Student Receptions, Parent Receptions, and Academic Receptions to help you see yourself at Wheaton. You can sign up for any of these receptions here. Then, watch our Video Tours of campus at your own pace. Filmed prior to the pandemic, they will give you a taste of what's in store for you when you see campus for yourself.

Will I be required to submit a final high school transcript?

Yes, we will require final high school transcripts that include a graduation date and signature of a school official for enrolled students. We encourage students to request a transcript be sent to us at the safest and most convenient time prior to the first day of classes in the fall. Spring course registration may be delayed if a final high school transcript is not provided, though we will work with individual students who cannot make this deadline.

Will you honor admission offers for international students and those living abroad regardless of current travel restrictions?

Yes. We hope and pray that every student we have admitted to Wheaton College will choose to enroll here. An offer of admission to Wheaton College will continue continue to be honored for all students through the June 1 deadline. All deposited students will have their place honored through the start of the fall semester.

Does your institution know if early course registration or summer programming (such as Wheaton Passage and New Student Orientation) will be offered?

Course registration deadlines and the dates and programming for instructions and New Student Orientation have not been changed at this time. Should they change, we will alert deposited students via their my.wheaton.edu email addresses with more information. To claim your student account and my.wheaton.edu email address, follow these instructions.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take my Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) test for advanced credit consideration despite taking AP courses this year. Will I be unable to earn advanced credit?

Wheaton College is committed to providing credit for AP and IB courses, even if students are not able to take exams. IB has already cancelled its exams and is working on a grade reporting process to colleges. College Board is planning for AP exams to be offered securely online where possible. For any student who is unable to take an AP exam, the grade listed on their high school transcript for the course will be correlated to exam scores in order to give credit: A=5, B=4 and C=3. We will accept the validation IB develops for its college partners. Students with dual enrollment courses need to send a final college transcript to the Wheaton College Undergraduate Admissions Office as soon as all grades are entered.

My family’s financial situation has changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 crisis. Is additional financial aid available to help me enroll at Wheaton?

If you have not yet submitted your FAFSA to Wheaton College, we strongly recommend you do so to be considered for the fullest financial aid package available to you. Students whose 2020 financial situation is dramatically different than 2018 (which is what the FAFSA bases expected family contribution upon) can request an appeal of their financial aid by contacting Student Financial Services at sfs@wheaton.edu.

Is it possible to defer enrollment for one semester or one year? And if granted a deferral, what are your policies regarding taking college credits and financial aid?

Admitted students have the option to submit a deferral request for enrolling one or two semesters after the term they have been admitted (e.g., admitted for Fall 2020, can request to defer enrollment to Spring 2020 or Fall 2021). A deferral request should only be made for students who do not intend to enroll for the term they were admitted to. We encourage students and families to continue to plan to attend college in-person for the Fall semester, as Wheaton is preparing for an on-time, in-person start to the Fall 2020 semester. We will allow students to defer their enrollment to a future academic term up until the start of Fall classes if due to COVID-19 reasons.

Students granted a deferral request to a future academic term may take up to four (4) college credits per academic term. If a student enrolls full time at another college, they should cancel their acceptance offer to Wheaton and reapply as a transfer student for their desired entry term. Previously admitted students are given preference when applying for transfer admission, and should apply using our free, shorter Supplementary Application for admission consideration.

As has been our longstanding policy, financial aid packages do not defer with your admission offer. Financial aid, including merit scholarships and need-based grant aid, are dependent upon the offerings available for that academic term. Admitted students who defer their admission will have their applications re-evaluated for merit scholarships and need-based financial aid will be offered based upon the most current FAFSA and aid policies for that academic term.

Updated: April 10, 2020

The US Embassy in my country is closed, will I be able to get my student visa in time to study?

We encourage every accepted student to confirm their enrollment in order to receive their I-20s early. Once the embassy reopens, it will be ready to schedule visa appointments.

My country is currently on the list of US travel ban countries, how can I get to US?

We encourage you to obtain your I-20 and student visa first. We are hopeful the travel ban may be lifted before program start date.

If I need to self-quarantine upon arriving in the USA, could I come to campus earlier and self-quarantine there? Will there be food services offered as well that I could purchase? When will the Health Insurance start?

We are still developing recommendations and plans for new students and will update as information becomes available. Admitted students will also be notified of updates via email. Appropriate food and dining options will be available when classes are in session. Health insurance begins August 1st once you confirm.

Updated: April 10. 2020

I had hoped to visit campus this spring to learn more about Wheaton. Are there virtual visit options for me until I can visit when it is safe to do so?

We look forward to hosting you on campus as soon as it is safe to do so! Until then, we invite you to sign up for a Journey to Wheaton virtual visit, where you’ll connect with an admissions counselor and get a taste of what Wheaton is like. Then, watch our Video Tours of campus at your own pace. Filmed prior to the pandemic, they will give you a taste of what's in store for you when you see campus for yourself.

The ACT and SAT test I planned to take at my school or this spring has been cancelled. What is Wheaton’s testing requirements for admission, and how can I satisfy them?

We practice holistic admission at Wheaton College, with the goal of not just crafting a well-rounded class of maturing Christians with high academic achievement, but also to get to know each individual applicant’s unique and diverse contributions to that class. A standardized test score is required for domestic first-year applicants in the form of the ACT, SAT, or Classical Learning Test (CLT). We “best score” and “superscore” tests, meaning we use your strongest test type and will combine sub test scores from multiple test sittings into a higher “composite score” for admission and merit scholarship consideration.

We are closely monitoring ACT and CollegeBoard (SAT test provider) updates for test options. The CLT uniquely offers remote proctored exams, which can be taken at home. For graduating seniors who still need to take a standardized test for Fall 2020 admission consideration, we advise taking the April 25 CLT and requesting that your scores be shared with Wheaton College. More information can be found here. We also recommend that high school juniors take the CLT on April 25 or June 20 and share their scores with Wheaton College to get a head start on their application materials.

My high school or college isn’t sure how it will grade this first semester of distance learning. If my institution decides to grade pass/fail for the Spring 2020 semester, will that affect my consideration for admission to Wheaton?

We value the diversity of schooling options in each class. Wheaton enrolls students from public schools, Christian schools, charter schools, private schools, home schools, international schools, community colleges, and four-year universities each year. We recognize the distinct challenges students and institutions face this semester and will review your transcript considering the educational opportunities available to you at your high school or college and the choices your institution makes with respect to grading.

Updated: April 10, 2020