Practical Tips for First Generation Families

Here are some tips to help you better support your student:

Be proud - Being the first or one of the first in a family to attend college is special and instills great pride within the student and family.  Congratulations on helping your student on their way to becoming a college graduate!

Be patient - This is a learning experience for both you and your student.  You will be learning about this transition together.

Expect change - College is a time of growth and discovery, but remember that pursuing higher education does not mean your student will lose the values you taught them.

Push your student - Encourage your student to get involved in campus life by attending events and joining student organizations, in addition to utilizing campus resources when experiencing academic, social, or emotional difficulties.

Remember - Life as a student is busy!  Your student may not be able to visit home or communicate on the telephone as much as they have in the past, and they may not have the same amount of time. 

Stay in touch - Organize care packages and send goodies from home when possible.  Some examples include a special note from mom, dad, and other loved ones, your student's favorite cookies, family pictures, and keepsakes.

Utilize campus resources - Our parent newsletter (ePartnerships), the Parent Engagement website (, and Parent Facebook group (search Wheaton College (IL) Parents and ask to join) are a few of the resources designed to help parents navigate life as a Wheaton parent.

Update your Contact Information

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