#myHoneyRock: What's New HoneyRock Kitchen Blog

January 17, 2018

Thomas Wiley began working at HoneyRock this past year and plans to make substantial changes to the kitchen, from smashing typical camp food stereotypes to initiating a culinary internship program. Thomas’ new menu fits into the capabilities of the kitchen staff and facilities of HoneyRock and utilizes annual camper family review surveys to best observe the dietary needs of campers. One of his goals is to create healthy menu profiles with a substantial nutritional spectrum which intentionally keeps the needs of active campers and staff in mind. In contrast to the usual “camp food” ideology, Thomas plans on implementing chef inspired menus using seasonal ingredients and a dash of creativity that surpasses the typical summer camp menu of corn dogs and sloppy joes.

The HoneyRock kitchen will also expand its leadership development initiatives with information for a new culinary internship program set to release at the start of February. The aim of this program is to network with accredited culinary schools to help their students gain real world experience at HoneyRock as part of their culinary arts program education. As an instructor and testing proctor, Thomas also offers to teach practical technical courses in ServSafe, a National Restaurant Association food service sanitation class.

HoneyRock prides itself on providing a quality camp experience for students and staff alike, which includes balanced, home style meals meant to be enjoyed in community. Thomas Wiley invites outside students into an atmosphere of learning and vocational opportunity to develop useful practical culinary skills while experiencing life at HoneyRock.

Consider joining the kitchen staff this year! If you are interested in a summer position or internship with HoneyRock’s kitchen, follow the link below!