Wheaton College Tolkien Society


Dedicated to fostering fellowship and friendship among the students of Wheaton College through enjoyment, discussion, and activities relating to the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

WCTS Cabinet 2023-2024

WCTS 2023-2024 Cabinet

Pictured Above:

L to R - Jakob, Sasha, Helen, Claire, Elise, Daniel

  •      President / Ring-bearer: Claire Wagner
  •      Vice President / Sam: Elise Peterson
  •      Secretary / Bilbo: Helen Maxfield
  •      Treasurer / Tom Bombadil: Sasha Hommes
  •      Heir Apparent / Aragorn: Daniel Ziegler
  •      Elrond / Social Media Coordinator: Jakob Hildebrandt (support role)
  •      Staff Advisor / Gandalf: Laura Stanifer

Contact us at: wheaton.tolkien.society@my.wheaton.edu

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