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Student Led Clubs 

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With genres of clubs ranging from academic honor societies, performance, justice and advocacy and common interest groups, there is something for everyone. These student-initiated and managed clubs are open to all students and truly enrich the atmosphere of Wheaton College, providing avenues for students to express their passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and have a ton of fun. 

Check out all the academic clubs available at Wheaton to enhance your learning experience outside the classroom.


Computer Science Club CSC

To promote community and fun for students interested in computer science. 

Earth Club

Earth Club is to encourage department community between Geology and Environmental Science majors as well as any others who may be interested in learning more about Earth Science by organizing both fun events and educational activities in collaborations with the Department of Earth and Environmental Science. 

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a chill group of students who seek to discuss important philosophic matters in the context of relationship.  We achieve this by weekly, low-key meetings in a student’s apartment with plenty of hot drinks.  All majors welcome! 

Society of Physics Students 

Pursuing a community of people with an emphasis on physics and supporting other physics related events. 

Society of Women in STEM 

To provide support for women in STEM fields through community, outreach, and career development. Women in STEM is open to all students who wish to support the mission of the club.


Wheaton Baja (Engineering Club)

Wheaton College Archaeology Society

To celebrate archaeology and enjoy the company of other students and professors with similar interests. 

Wheaton Pre-Dental Society

The Wheaton College Pre-Dental Society exists to help students from all academic disciplines learn about, engage with, and ultimately pursue a career in the dental profession by facilitating student mentorships, organizing job shadowing opportunities, and hosting informative dental lectures and conferences. 

Wheaton College Pre-OT/PT Club

Explore a range of Common Interest Clubs that Wheaton has to offer. 

Chess Club

Conservatory Music Majors Club

Harry Potter Club

Planet of the Apes Society


Presence is a women's peer mentorship program that aims to promote growth and provide guidance in all areas of life to the female students at Wheaton College through relational mentorship. Presence is open to all students who wish to support the mission of the club. 

Student Managed Investment Club

To equip and educate members in the process of managing the group's Fund through immersion in an environment that seeks to replicate that of a professional asset manager.  Check out our website.

The Creation Society

The Creation Society exists to open dialogue about the way God created the world and to explore the viability of Young Earth Creationism. Check out our website.

The Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds exists to unite Wheaton's campus over a common admiration for birds.  We routinely go on birding outings (no previous experience required) and occasionally host other events related to ornithology. 

United Hands in Health

Wheaton College Fashion Initiative

Wheaton College Folk Society

Wheaton College Swing Dance Club

Everyone is welcome at Swing Club! Our mission is to foster community through Swing Dance- we teach weekly lessons, so no previous experience is necessary! 

Wheaton College Tolkien Society

To bring together Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students to enjoy, discuss, and have activities relating to the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Visit the Society's website.

Where Are The Women?

Our mission and vision is to examine Christian identities within the diversity of womanhood, engage in conversations about faith and gender shaped by the needs of the Wheaton College community, amplify women's voices with the intention of celebrating, encouraging and supporting one another and, to give students the opportunity to discover inspiring role models and realize God's Kingdom vision for womanhood. Visit our Instagram @watw.wheaton.

Learn more about another culture or experience when you join one of Wheaton's cultural clubs.

Chinese Language and Culture Club

To showcase and celebrate traditional Chinese culture and educate the campus community about it. 

Der Deutsche Verein (German Club)

To promote an awareness and appreciation of the German Culture and language on Wheaton's campus.

French Fellowship 

French Fellowship aims to create an opportunity for students interested in the French language and culture to build their language skills and participate in Francophone cultural activities within a community of other students while simultaneously growing in their faith. 


Wheaton British Club

Amplify A cappella

Amplify is a co-ed a cappella group of 14 members, founded in 2012 at Wheaton College. The first group of its kind, Amplify has pursued an informal spirit of performance, including vocal improvisation and audience participation, while maintaining musical excellence. Past performances include the Uptown Getdown, hosted by Wheaton in Chicago, the Motown Revue at Wheaton College, and several visits to Franklin Middle School.

Amplify explores both contemporary and traditional styles of music interpreted through a cappella singing, and focusing on a theme of unity and togetherness. It culminates the hard work and focus of the group every year at the spring concert. Amplify's year-end concert in 2013 was a campus sensation, drawing more than 300 students and members of the public. Amplify is also involved in the community of Wheaton and the surrounding area through volunteer performance. The members of the group are listed below.

Auditions are held at the beginning of every fall semester. Audition dates for vocal percussionists and all voice parts will be announced at the beginning of each school year.

Pep Band

See the ways that your political voice can be heard on campus.

The Alexander Hamilton Society

John Quincy Adams Society

 The John Quincy Adams Society at Wheaton College exists to equip the next generation of leaders to positively influence our world by helping students intellectually engage in conversations regarding our nation's foreign affairs and bringing networking/career-building opportunities to our campus. 

Wheaton College Republicans

The Wheaton College Republicans seek to encourage civil discussion of political views on campus and to advocate for conservative values and republican policies, assisting political candidates and hosting relevant speakers who represent Christian ideals in the political realm. 

Wheaton Turning Point


Kodon features students' fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. Click the sidebar for a student perspective on Kodon!

Published biannually (once each semester), the Kodon features students' fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art.  Each issue is compiled, edited and designed by a staff of students who seek to highlight the creative activity of the campus community.  Kodon also hosts readings each semester with our student writers and musicians.

We encourage all students to consider submitting their work to the Kodon.  Please contact us for submission information deadlines.



The Pub Press

The Pub is a journal written and produced by and for members of the Wheaton College community; it is created to be a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue about culturally immediate issues; the ideas expressed in The Pub are based upon our shared commitment to the Christian faith and carefully consider the implications that faith has for our engagement with contemporary concerns.

The Pub seeks to bring members of our campus community into discussion of issues that affect the intersection of our intellectual and Christian lives. There are outlets on campus for artistic expression, but, strangely, there is no outlet for the academic or analytical. Classes certainly provide some sort of means for this, but there is no real way to engage such things outside the classroom. The result can be a community of superb analytical thinkers who are unable to say anything meaningful to the people around them. The Pub provides a venue for assessing the ideas and beliefs we gain in the classroom against those of our entire community, not just those of a professor or a circle of friends. As Christian intellectuals, we are called to think in light of an entire community of believers, and The Pub seeks to be part of that holistic intellectual and spiritual dialogue.


The Record

Wheaton's very own newspaper--Student-Led since 1890. 

The Wheaton Record is published every Thursday except during college breaks and exam weeks and is available on campus free of charge.

You can also read select articles from The Wheaton Record online for free.

If you’re off-campus and would like to keep in touch with what’s happening at Wheaton, The Wheaton Record offers one-year subscriptions for $40 and two-year subscriptions for $70. Subscription requests and payment can be sent to the following address:

The Wheaton Record
CPO W135
501 College Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187

If you'd like to write a letter to the editor (300 words or less), please submit it to by Monday to be published on Thursday.

We’re always looking for news tips! Let us know about your Wheaton-related news at

Badminton Club

To build an inclusive community for new and experienced players to enjoy recreational badminton. 

Wheaton College Climbing Club

Wheaton College Outdoors Club

Wheaton College Roundnet Club

Wheaton College Running Club

Wheaton College Running Club is a judgment-free group of runners of any experience, background, and level that regularly meets to run in the Wheaton-area. 

Wheaton Sailing Club

Wheaton Video Game Society

To bring students together into community and new friendships through video games and video game related activities. 


Charter a Club

If you are someone who has a unique interest, hobby, or passion that is not already addressed in a current club, you are invited to charter a new club. The benefits of obtaining an official club status include the privilege of reserving space, advertising, fundraising, and apply to recieve monetary allocations from Student Government. If you would like to begin this process, please follow the steps below:

  • Please email to set up a time to discuss your club interest.
  • Complete packet, which will include finding a minimum of 8 people to be part of your club as well as a faculty or staff advisor.

For information on any Student-Led Clubs, contact