Join In!

If you are interested in writing for or helping produce Sub-Creation, you are more than welcome to the team! Contact us and let us know if you would like to submit your work, help select content, design layout, read submissions, or a pleasant mixture of all of the above.

Submission Guidelines

We would be honored if you chose to share your sub-creation with us. Please keep these guidelines in mind as you prepare your submission:

  • We welcome submissions from any member of the Wheaton College community, whether student, faculty, staff, or alum. Only two pieces from any one author may be submitted per issue.
  • For copyright reasons, we must limit our published selection to original characters and worlds only. Please, no fan-fiction or fan-art.
  • While we will consider any work for publication, we specialize in genre fiction, experimental literature, poetry of all kinds, and related art. We will publish fiction of any genre, but many of our best submissions come from the following genres: science fiction, fantasy, Western, historical, mystery, horror, and action/adventure.
  • Short fiction is preferred, but chapters of longer stories may have the opportunity to be published serially.
  • Essays and other non-fiction submissions may be on these genres themselves, authors who write in them, personal experiences with genres, reviews of popular works of genre fiction, etc.
  • Art submissions should be submitted as a high-resolution PDF.

  • All submissions should be emailed to as Word documents in 12-point, Times New Roman font.