Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs

A culture club meeting

Learn more about another culture or experience when you join one of Wheaton's cultural clubs.

Asian American Christian Collaborative Chapter

The Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC) at Wheaton College is raising the next generation of distinctly Asian American Christian leaders. AACC at Wheaton College encourages, equips, and empowers Asian American Christians at Wheaton College to amplify the voices, issues and histories of Asian American Christians while remaining grounded in the historic Christian faith, rooted in Scripture, and joined in communion with the global Church. Reach out to the club here.

Chinese Language and Culture Club

To showcase and celebrate traditional Chinese culture and educate the campus community about it. Reach out to the club here.

Der Deutsche Verein (German Club)

To promote an awareness and appreciation of the German Culture and language on Wheaton's campus. More information or reach out to the club here.

French Fellowship 

French Fellowship aims to create an opportunity for students interested in the French language and culture to build their language skills and participate in Francophone cultural activities within a community of other students while simultaneously growing in their faith. Reach out to the club here.

Indonesia National Association (1NA)

To offer a space where Indonesian students (F-1/TCK/MK) and those who have an interest in Indonesian culture may feel a sense of belonging while sharing the Indonesian culture, heritage, and experience to the wider Wheaton Community. Reach out to the club here.

Wheaton Desi Club

The Wheaton College Desi Club is the Indian/South Asian Club on campus that aims to provide a space for students who are Indian/South Asian or interested in the culture to find representation and community, as well as to fellowship and commune with one another and delve into South Asian Culture. Reach out to the club here.