Referring Healthcare Provider

Dear Referring Medical Provider

We are glad that you have chosen Wheaton College Student Health Services (SHS) as a medical practice to refer your patient/student. SHS has a variety of quality services and staff to assist the student in completing vital healthcare tasks for their health and wellness. Before SHS can assist you and the student, we ask for compliancy with the following requirements:

Completion of a service such as therapeutic injections or laboratory testing

The order must contain the student’s full name and date of birth, full name of medication or laboratory test(s), diagnosis code (ICD-10 code), full prescriber’s name, address of practice including the fax number, License number, and federal DEA number. SHS only takes orders from U.S. physicians (MD, DO, NP, PA). SHS reserves the right to refuse laboratory services if the order does not comply with the set requirements.

  • Injectable medication administration must include the name of the medication, concentration, dosing to be administered, route, frequency and any specifics in administration. SHS will require that you provide the student with all of the equipment/supplies for administration.
  • Laboratory testing: any special instruction (fasting, discontinuation of a medication, etc.) must be included in the instructions. It is preferred that the exact test number and description of the laboratory test be written on the order. SHS will fax all results to the prescriber's office. If the results are abnormal we require a confirmation of the fax within 24 hours. SHS does not contact the student with the results of the test.

Coordination of care for allergy immunotherapy

Please read the following letter for the initial information regarding coordination of allergy immunotherapy care.