Health/Wellness Information

Student Health Services is a Christ-centered health team dedicated to developing and serving Wheaton College students by treating their acute and chronic needs, and by teaching them proper preventative health care so that they will function optimally while receiving a Wheaton College education and in their future development.

Health and Wellness Update

Welcome to new incoming and returning students. I am excited to hear that you are coming to Wheaton College. 

Student Health Services (SHS) is located in North Harrison Hall on the north side of the tennis courts, across from Fischer Hall. All active students are eligible to use the services at SHS, regardless of insurance, as described further in our Services. SHS is staffed with two board certified physicians and two advanced nurse practitioners, who provide 30+ hours weekly of medical provider appointment time. There are registered nurses that have numerous specialties and an administrative staff to assist you with your questions and concerns.

In brief, our services include free walk-in nurse visits, a large variety of vaccinations, in-house laboratory, pharmacy, allergy immunotherapy, and the International Travel Clinic (ITC) to name a few. There are fees for some of these services, which will be billed to your student account. Review health insurance information about billing and claims to learn more.

Your medical record is confidential. SHS does not release information without your written consent as described within the Privacy Notice. We encourage students to communicate their health issues with their families. SHS will coordinate health services and resources for you to provide you with a healthy college experience. We may call to clarify a note on your medical chart or give you helpful resources as well.

SHS continually monitors circulating disease patterns nationally and globally. The following list provides you with high prevalence disease patterns and a reliable web reference to know more about these diseases:

SHS would like to be an integral part of keeping you healthy while completing your studies here at Wheaton College. SHS will also be sponsoring other health promotional programs throughout the year. Hope to see you there.

Again welcome. We look forward to meeting you.


SHS Director and the SHS Team