Charlston Ong '19

charlston-ong-wheaton-collegeClass Year: Freshman


Major(s): Biology


Extracurricular activities: Koinonia, Chinese Cultural Club, StarCraft 2 Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, frisbee and dodgeball intramurals


Favorite class/professor and why: Biology 241 Lab, as the professor is very enthusiastic about the class and is always willing to help the students out.


Why did you come to Wheaton?: I choose to come to Wheaton due to the fact that I have a family friend for 12 years and she did her graduate studies in clinical psychology here at Wheaton College Graduate School. She has heard from my parents and me that I was a strong Christian and suggested that this institution will help me grow stronger in the Lord. I took a look at the school and I found that they integrated Christianity into all aspects of studies and I wanted to learn more about that.

Post: " Wheaton Passage: From Separation to Integration"