Tuesday A. Whittington ’17

tuesday-whittington-wheatonName: Tuesday A. Whittington 

Hometown: Aurora, IL 

Major: Applied Health Science 

Favorite Wheaton class or professor and why: Dr. Andrew Decort, Philosophy 101. I was amazed with the way he connected philosophy from hundreds to thousands of years ago to many of the current issues our society faces today as well as with Scripture and how we are called as Christians not to "distance our understanding and our action" (Soren Kierkegaard). How that action is to be manifested he allowed us to interpret for ourselves as Christians living in our generation and time. 

Favorite quote: "At a distance every man recognizes his neighbor, and yet it is impossible to see him at a distance. If you do not see him so close that you unconditionally before God see him in every man, you do not see him at all". -Soren Kierkegaard 

Dream job: Surgical Nurse

Post: " From Chi-town to Qui-town: My Medical Internship Experience"