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From China to Wheaton: TESOL and Intercultural Studies

Tags: Campus | Graduate School | Internship | My Wheaton | Spiritual Life | The Liberal Arts

I love Wheaton not only because it offers one of the best TESOL programs in the nation, but I also love the fact that we get to celebrate cultural diversity. Read More

Wheaton Soccer: More Than A Sport

Tags: Athletics | Student Activities | My Wheaton

“I have not experienced God’s love as much as I have these past three years at Wheaton College,” Marshall shares. Read More

Art, Business, 12x12

Tags: The Arts | The Liberal Arts | Student Activities | My Wheaton

This unique environment fosters openness and a level of discussion not typically found in other courses at Wheaton. Read More

Arena Theatre's Caucasian Chalk Circle

Tags: The Arts | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Campus

I am forced to be patient, generous, and even merciful with these characters as I simultaneously use them to tell a story while also authentically advocating for them in their own risky worlds. Read More

My Pre-Med Liberal Arts Experience

Tags: Internship | The Liberal Arts | My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

I have been particularly thankful for the way Wheaton’s liberal arts program has enhanced my pre-med studies, shaping me into a better scholar in my pursuit of medical school. Read More

My Wheatonisms

Tags: The Liberal Arts | Spiritual Life | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Campus

If you want to find a place where people search for God wholeheartedly, love each other in community, and seek for knowledge deeply, come to Wheaton. Read More

Sam’s Café: Working at the Wheaton Hub

Tags: The Liberal Arts | Student Activities | My Wheaton | Campus

It’s a really good hub, not only for people who come to Sam’s, but for the employees to be able to get to know each other and hang out. Read More