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Youth Hostel Ministry in Amsterdam

Tags: Spiritual Life | My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

I have been able to learn so much from the people who run the program and the others who volunteered alongside of me. Read More

Welcome to #WheatonOrientation 2016

Tags: Student Activities | My Wheaton

Our hope is that you are as excited about the upcoming school year as we are, and Orientation Week is a great opportunity to start your Wheaton experience on a high note. Read More

A Warm Welcome to Wheaton

Tags: Student Activities | My Wheaton | Campus

As Student Government this year our desire is that Wheaton continues to be a place of growth and encouragement for all of us. Read More

My Internship With Young Life Africa

Tags: Internship | My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

Because of this internship, I’m so aware that the Kingdom of God is growing globally. I was continuously inspired and encouraged by the faith of my new friends in Kenya and Ethiopia. Read More

My HoneyRock Passage Experience

Tags: My Wheaton | Global and Experiential Learning

We were able to worship our God while hearing the wind blow through the nearby trees and the birds singing in the distance. Read More

Why I Came to Wheaton

Tags: The Liberal Arts | Spiritual Life | My Wheaton | Campus

As a public high school graduate, I am still constantly amazed that, through the liberal arts curriculum, I am discussing how biology, elementary education, Spanish, and many other topics are “For Christ and His Kingdom.” Read More

How Arena Theater Helped Me Find My Tribe

Tags: Campus | My Wheaton | The Arts | The Liberal Arts

As a missionary kid, I have experienced the feeling of having no idea where to call home, but this community of artists has given me that feeling in a real way. Read More

Confronting Identity Through Traditional Dance

Tags: My Wheaton | Spiritual Life | Student Activities | The Arts

Fellow students encouraged me to be confident and cheered me on as I spent hours in the dance studio; faculty and staff were affirming and comforting, reminding me that what I believe and who I am should be embraced. Read More