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Theater Minor

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Theater Minor

Utilizing an imaginatively designed Theater Minor, our program is structured to allow students who are deeply planted in other majors at Wheaton to add “theater-making” to their skill-set. At Arena you will grow as an artist, creative problem-solver, and collaborator. You will also have opportunities to try things that might seem scary. All of this will better equip you for whatever you pursue after college. 

Our theater minor offers classes in Acting, Design, Directing, Church and Theater and Theater and Culture. Through your work on production crews you will gain practical skills as well.  

The Theater Minor requires an additional 20 hours in Theater courses. A theater minor would complete a 16-hour core, consisting of COMM 271, 272, 273, and 374. The student may select the additional four hours from the remaining theater courses.  

Communications Major with a Theater Concentration 

An option offered by the Communications department is the Communication Major with a Theater ConcentrationThis option enables students to investigate their own embodied stories and the stories of others, with the aim of devising means to effectively share those stories with a larger community. More information can be found here. 

Theater Courses

Explore our theater classes and begin to image joining us as a theater-maker.

Our Stories

Our current and past students tell their stories about their time at Wheaton and how it has shaped their lives.