COMM 171. Introduction to Acting. (2 Credits) An investigation of the fundamentals of acting technique through foundational exercise and scene work, including observation, physical awareness, stage discipline, and text analysis. Tags: VPAT  

COMM 271. Theater Survey. (4 Credits) An exploration of the history of theater, the nature of theater as a communication art, and the roles of playwright, director, scenographer, actor and audience. $75 fee for Chicago theater field trips. Tags: VPAT 

COMM 272. Scenography. (4 Credits) An exploration of scenographic theory and production practices necessary to move theater design from page to stage, including scene design, stage lighting and costuming. Prerequisite: COMM 271 or permission of instructor. 

COMM 273. Acting I. (4 Credits) An investigation of the fundamentals of acting technique through foundational exercise and scene work, including observation, physical awareness, stage discipline, and text analysis. Prerequisite: COMM 271. 

COMM 275. Musical Theater London. (2 Credits) Offered as part of the Arts in London program. Students will explore Musical Theater as a communication art form. Emphasis will be placed on understanding historical development, establishing criteria for evaluating live performance, and developing basic presentation skills. Cross-listed with MUCS 275. Alternate years; offered summer in even years. NOTE: This course does not fulfill the entire VPA theme and covers only the domain of VPAM. Tags: VPAM 

COMM 373. Theater Workout. (0 or 1 Credits) Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. One hour credit per year. Register for credit in Spring semester. (0 or 1)  

COMM 374. Directing. (4 Credits)  An investigation of the stage director's art and craft: play selection, casting, mounting the play, rhythm, characterization, and actor-director relationships. Prerequisites: COMM 271 and 273. $75 fee for Chicago theater

COMM 375. European Theater Studies. (2 Credits) Students will study contemporary European theater in production. Selected playwrights, performance theory and styles will be studied in the class to be used as a basis for the evaluation of live performances in London, Paris, Berlin and Prague. 

COMM 376. Church and Theater. (4 Credits) An investigation of the theological and aesthetic relationships of the church to the dramatic arts. Lab experiences facilitate practical application of these discoveries. 

COMM 473. Acting II. (4 Credits) An application of developing acting skills to a series of exercises, monologues and scenes. Prerequisites: COMM 271273, or permission of instructor. May be repeated as Acting II: Shakespeare. 

COMM 474. Special Topics in Theater. (2 or 4 Credits) An advanced study of such topics as Theories of Contemporary Theater and Advanced Production,  PrerequisiteCOMM 271 or permission of instructor. Course may be repeated for separate topics. 

COMM 476. Theater and Culture. (4 Credits) The course will examine the role of the theater as a vehicle of social change throughout history and in contemporary culture. Through selected play readings and laboratory experiences, the student will be challenged to explore the responsibility of the Christian theater artist to his/her local and global community. Prerequisite: COMM 271 or permission of instructor. 

COMM 495. Independent Study. (1 to 4 Credits) An investigation of special topics, current issues, and developments in a specialized area of communication. Prerequisites: two appropriate Communication courses and permission of a professor. 

COMM 496. Internship. (2 to 4 Credits) An application of course work that engages the student in a responsible role as a worker in an organization or other practical experiences. Prerequisites: 16 hours in Communication; junior or senior standing with Communication major or minor. Graded pass/fail. (May be repeated for a maximum of eight credits, but only four hours count toward the major.)