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Wheaton in the Northwoods (WIN) at HoneyRock

Wheaton in the Northwoods

Take a class (or two!) at HoneyRock with WIN

Every summer, HoneyRock offers a variety of courses that meet Christ at the Core and General Education requirements of Wheaton College.

These courses, which are open to any student, are taught in a modular and intensive format. The sessions include concentrated coursework taught by professors at HoneyRock and include pre-class and post-class work. Professors will use the outdoors, the community dynamic, and other activities to enhance your learning experience.

Explore Classes, Credits, and Profs for Wheaton in the Northwoods

Registration for WIN 1 is now Closed. 






BITH 211 Old Testament 4 Dr. Michael Graves $2,800 OT
BITH 213 New Testament 4 Dr. Seth Ehorn $2,800 NT
BITH 315 Christian Thought 4 Dr.George Kalantzis  $2,800 CT
IR 321 Islam in the Contemporary World 4 Brigadier General (Retired)
Joe Rank**
$2,800 GP
PHIL 222 Souls and Brains 4 Dr. Adam Wood $2,800  PI, SIP
CORE 319, AIS: Philosophy and Tragedy 4 Dr. Ryan Kemp $2,800  AIS, PI, LE
CFM 353 Leadership in Human Systems 2 Dr. Rob Ribbe $1,400  LeadCert 
ANTH 353 Biculturalism 4 Dr. Christine Jeske $2,800  DUS, GP

*WIN courses are $700/credit hour. An additional $150/week is charged for room and board.
**Contact Donna Struthers with questions about IR 321 Islam in the Contemporary World






HIST 103, Civil Rights Movement 4 Dr. Karen Johnson $2,800  DUS, HP
BITH 213 New Testament 4 Dr. Carlos Sosa $2,800 NT
BITH 315 Christian Thought 4 Dr. Vince Bacote $2,800 CT
CORE 354 Nature’s Beauty 4 Dr. Bob O’Connor $2,800 AIS, PI, SIP
ART 321 Wood Fired Ceramics 3 Dr. David Hooker $2,100 VPAV
CFM 241 Leadership Development 4 Dr. Rob Ribbe $2,800 LeadCert 

 *WIN courses are $700/credit hour. An additional $150/week is charged for room and board.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheaton in the Northwoods

Cost Per Credit: $700
Room and Board: $150/week
Transportation: $50/way (optional!)

To Register: starting January 1, 2021

  1. Create or Sign in to your HoneyRock account* and sign up for your WIN course(s)
  2. Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit
  3. Receive instructions on how to register through Banner

*If you have already created a HoneyRock account for Passage or another WIN course, no need to create a new account - just log in!

If you are having trouble logging into your account please call (630) 752-5124.

During your free time there will be activity areas open for your use: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, climbing, mountain biking, archery, and more! You can also choose to take part in planned large group events like ultimate frisbee and campfires.

We do have a small workout facility with weight machines and other equipment.

You will be housed in our River Cabins. You will have a bunk and will share your living space with 8-10 people. These buildings have modern bathrooms in each room.

Our kitchen staff prepare three meals a day for the HoneyRock community. We offer a wide variety of foods and can accommodate special diets when advanced notice is given. 

You can drive your personal car, carpool with friends, or ride a coach bus! We provide transportation to and from Wheaton for $50 each way. You can sign up for transportation when you register.

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Download WIN Info Packets

Once you've signed up to teach or take a WIN course, download your info packet! For those still considering taking a WIN course, check out the FAQ below.

Info Packet for Faculty Info Packet for Students
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Questions about WIN?

Email us!

Connect with Donna
I felt really encouraged to engage with the material because I had the space to learn new things with a specific group of people. Between class time, studying, and outdoor activities, I spent a lot of time with a small group of people, which helped me to engage in the learning. — From the 2018 WIN Evaluation