Wheaton Year-End Giving Guide

Use these guidelines to ensure that your charitable gifts arrive before the end of the year.

Type of GiftTiming InformationBest Practices
Check in the mail (via USPS) The gift is considered delivered when it is mailed. Postmarked by 12/31. Note: “Delivered when mailed” does not apply when sending via private mail (such as UPS or FedEx).
Bank Credit Card Deductible in the year the charge is made. Charge by 12/31.
Stocks / ETFs Charity must receive by 12/31. If in certificate form, must be received or mailed with a postmark by 12/31. Electronic transfer process can take a few days. Get started no later than 12/15 to ensure the stock is received by the charity by 12/31.
Mutual Funds When held in brokerage account, requires paper transfer by donor and charity. When held by MF company, requires electronic transfer. Charity must receive by 12/31. Transfer can take weeks (even a month). Start by communicating with the charity and your broker right away. It is best to start by 11/15 to ensure that mutual funds are received by the charity by 12/31.
Qualified Charitable Distribution Leave plenty of time with QCDs. A timely QCD requires action by both the charity and the custodian. Contact the custodian no later than 12/1 to request a direct distribution to charity. If using an IRA checkbook, consider mailing a check no later than 12/1.

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