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Reunion Giving

Celebrate your class reunion, and say “thank you” by giving back to current Wheaton students.

Contribute Toward Your Class Gift

Library Renewal and Sports Complex Renovation

The Class of 1982 celebrates its 40th reunion by continuing its robust legacy of generosity to Wheaton College. Over the past 40 years, our class has given over $14 million to our alma mater!

This year, we want to join in two exciting ventures to further Wheaton’s mission. Our goal is to give $100,000 to a new Buswell Library reconstruction project, and $100,000 to a sports complex renovation effort. Our hope is to name spaces in each building in honor of our class.

While we are at it, we also want to bless every current student by giving to the Wheaton Fund. Our class has already contributed this year as much as we gave in total last year, one of our highest records ever. We’d love to reach $300,000 with over 100 of our classmates participating at any gift amount.

Join in by choosing where you feel led to contribute! Gifts and pledges (fulfilled within three years) will make a lasting impact and celebrate our class’s legacy. You can give in your registration or online here.

Questions? Contact reunion.giving@wheaton.edu / 630-752-5926

Athletics Complex Renovations

The Class of 1977 celebrates its 45th reunion by joining in an exciting new chapter in Wheaton’s history. Over the next few years, Wheaton will embark on significant renovations to all major athletic facilities, and our class is getting in on the ground floor. We know all of you who are passionate about Wheaton Athletics know the difference that excellent facilities make in forming winning teams.

We ask you to join us in giving to this project that will not only benefit our sports teams, but all students who pursue a whole-person education. By giving to this project, we will ensure an excellent athletics culture at Wheaton for years to come.

You can give join in by donating with your reunion registration or making a pledge fulfilled over three years. You can also give online here.

Questions? Contact reunion.giving@wheaton.edu / 630-752-5926

Library Study Space and Scholarships

The Class of 1972 celebrates a legacy of generosity to Wheaton and her students. Over the past 50 years, together we have given over $16 million to further Wheaton’s mission.

For our 50th reunion, we hope to continue that legacy and raise more than $300,000 for the new Library and Learning Commons renovations, and for student scholarships.

Several classmates have already committed nearly $150,000 to name a study space in threvitalized library building currently planned for construction. Their early pledges and gifts launch a matching gift challenge for the 1972 50th reunion, to raise an additional $150,000 in gifts and pledges for the Library or the Faithfully Forward Endowed Scholarship Fund, fulfilled within the next three years.

Imagine future scholarship recipients studying in the library room we helped to build! We want to bless those students and all who are called to Wheaton through the legacy of the Class of 1972 in these incredible gifts.

Please join us by adding your gift to the 50th class reunion registration, or by giving online here.

Questions? Contact reunion.giving@wheaton.edu / 630-752-5926

Buswell Library Study Room and the Wheaton Fund

For our 55th reunion, we are eager to support two projects together. Wheaton hopes to revitalize Buswell Library as the heart of academics on campus. Our class will partner in this venture by raising $100,000 in gifts and pledges to name a study space in the new library building. We want to further Wheaton’s mission of forming whole persons for Kingdom work and celebrate God’s faithfulness from generation to generation.

We also care for the needs of students today, which is why we also want to raise $67,000 for the Wheaton Fund. Thanks to several generous classmates, the great news is that we are over halfway there.

Will you join in by making your gift or pledge today? Choose which gift you would like to make on the registration card, or give to both online here.

Questions? Contact reunion.giving@wheaton.edu / 630-752-5926

Center for Vocation and Career Internship Fund

For our 60th reunion, we are excited to help launch a new generation of Wheaties into their careers with our reunion gift.

Wheaton’s nationally recognized Center for Vocation and Career helps Wheaton graduates swiftly find their path. Despite the pandemic, 98.9% of our 2021 class landed employment or other adventures of their choice within six months of graduation, compared to the 2019 national average of 85%.

To land well, students need internship experiences, and increasingly, this requires funding assistance for students who can’t afford to say “yes” to great internships they are offered. Nationally, 43% of internships are unpaid, and last year, the CVC received twice as many applications for financial assistance than what was available.

We would like to directly assist students by raising $25,000 to help fund student internships. This practical and needed gift will help Wheaton students forge strong careers.

To join in this gift, please include your donation in your registration, or give online here.

Questions? Contact reunion.giving@wheaton.edu / 630-752-5926

Giving in honor of your reunion is a longstanding tradition at Wheaton. As you reconnect with former classmates and enjoy your reunion activities, we hope you will also join with thousands of alumni who continue to invest in the Wheaton College community. Through the dedication and generosity of reunion classes, current and future Wheaton students are given the opportunity to have the same meaningful experience you had as a student. Whether designated to a particular area of the college or the Wheaton Fund, your gift in honor of your reunion class has a significant impact on the Wheaton experience. Thank you, Wheaton Alumni, for your commitment to the tradition of excellence at Wheaton.