Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates are a nationwide network of more than 2,200 families—alumni, parents, and friends—who foster the development and support of Wheaton College students.

Every year, Wheaton Associates commit to...

  • Give a minimum annual gift of $1,000 to the Wheaton Fund ($300 for graduates of 2014-2023)
  • Pray regularly for the College, its students, faculty, and staff
  • Promote the mission of Wheaton College in their communities
  • Encourage others to support Wheaton in similar ways

In return, we commit to involving you in the life of the College by providing you with current prayer requests, regular updates from students and President Ryken, and opportunities to meet other Wheaton Associates at events on campus and occasionally around the country.

Supporting the Wheaton Fund

Since 1981, the support of Wheaton Associates has truly made a difference. It has accounted for:

  • 45% of all gifts to Wheaton College
  • More than 80% of all gifts to the Wheaton Fund

These resources help subsidize the total cost of every student’s Wheaton education.