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Wheaton Associates

Wheaton Associates are a nationwide network of more than 1,900 families—alumni, parents, and friends—who foster the development and support of Wheaton College students.

Wheaton Associates 40th Anniversary Logo

In 2021, the Wheaton Associates program will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Since 1981, loyal alumni, parents, and friends of the College have helped to support the quintessential Christian liberal arts education for thousands of Wheaton students. 

If you are a current Wheaton Associate, you can expect special communications, events, and more to celebrate the Lord's faithfulness through this program.

40th Anniversary Commemorative Giving Levels

We invite you to let God similarly bless your faithfulness to the students of tomorrow. Please prayerfully consider committing to one of these 40th Anniversary Commemorative Giving Levels for 2021:

  • $2,500 Bronze level
  • $4,000 Anniversary level
  • $5,000 Silver level
  • $10,000 Gold level

We also invite you to identify individuals and families within your circle of influence who share an affinity for Christian higher education. Please reach out to them directly or share their names with Daniel Muñoz, Manager of Leadership Annual Giving, at 630.752.5701 or daniel.munoz@wheaton.edu.

Testimonials from Our 1981 Charter Members

Al '77 and Jan Lindsten '77

"Jan and I are members of the class of ’77. Wheaton College is where we met and where we obtained the foundation for not only our careers but significantly gained a deeper understanding of what it meant to live a life serving Christ in our everyday culture. It is a place where deep relationships were made and where our minds and hearts were shaped. The years we spent at Wheaton were so instrumental in shaping who we are that we wanted to do whatever we could to allow others the opportunity to have this same experience. Hence, when we were introduced to the Wheaton Associates program, we were more than willing and excited to become involved in becoming partners with the college in preparing others for a life of service to further Christ’s kingdom in the world around us. We desire to do whatever we can to further the mission of Wheaton to continue to have the academic rigor and the Christian commitment it has historically had and will continue to have in the future. A Wheaton education makes a difference."

Tom '56 and Liz Young '56

"We had been making annual contributions to Wheaton from the time that Tom graduated in 1956 to 1981, the year that our oldest son David graduated from the college. So when the Wheaton Associates program started, we were pleased to be asked to become Charter Members. We have continued our annual support because God has given us resources to do so, and we thank Him daily for all He did for us through Wheaton. Bringing us together at Wheaton is, of course, the first and most precious gift. In addition, we made great friends there and still maintain contact with some of them. The education we received prepared us quite well for our careers. Besides the gifts that Wheaton gave us when we were students, the college has continued to reach out to us and bless our lives.

Tom served two non-consecutive terms on the Alumni Board. We were pleased to have two Wheaton staff members stay overnight with us when they were on trips to the East Coast, where we were living at the time; these godly servants (Lee Pfund and Bob Baptista) also blessed our lives when we were at Wheaton through the basketball program. We have been back for most of the five year anniversary events for 1956 alumni. Even if Wheaton had not been so kind to us in the years since we graduated, we would support the school because of its continuing Christ-centered education for so many great students."

Every year, Wheaton Associates commit to...

  • Give a minimum annual gift of $1,000 to the Wheaton Fund ($300 for graduates of 2012-2021)
  • Pray regularly for the College, its students, faculty, and staff
  • Promote the mission of Wheaton College in their communities
  • Encourage others to support Wheaton in similar ways

In return, we commit to involving you in the life of the College by providing you with current prayer requests, regular updates from students and President Ryken, and opportunities to meet other Wheaton Associates at events on campus and occasionally around the country.

Supporting the Wheaton Fund

Since 1981, the support of Wheaton Associates has truly made a difference. It has accounted for:

  • 45% of all gifts to Wheaton College
  • More than 80% of all gifts to the Wheaton Fund

These resources help subsidize the total cost of every student’s Wheaton education.