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Now more than ever, the world needs what Wheaton offers: God's compassion for a wounded world.

In the midst of this difficult year, Wheaton students are finding grace in unexpected places. They are learning to appreciate their blessings more fully and to serve one another with ever-deepening generosity.

Charis Sanders

No Barrier to the Risen Christ

“While studying Jacopo da Pontormo’s 1525 masterpiece Supper at Emmaus (produced during the Florentine plague), I was reminded that the locked doors of our churches could not keep the risen Christ away. As we fight off this twenty-first-century plague, let us pick up our paintbrushes and create new symbols of hope that God is with us and watching.” - Charis Sanders '22

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Cameron Whitmer Student Ambassador 2020

Growing in Faith

“Throughout the world, Wheaton students are continuing their education and growing in their faith. The ability to educate Christ-followers amidst a global pandemic is utterly amazing.  Wheaton’s faculty has shown great ingenuity and the quality education at Wheaton has not faltered. ” - Cameron Whitmer '21

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Rose Brown

Lessons for a Better World

“Our hope comes not from anything in this world, but from Jesus. Even a worldwide virus cannot take that hope from us. During COVID-19, we are called to redeem our time, to care for others, to respond in hope, and to share the gospel.” - Rose Brown '23

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Students Want to Hear from You

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Seeking Christ’s Kingdom During Advent

As we prepare to receive again the gift of God’s Son this Advent season, let us hear our Savior’s calming words:

“‘Do not be anxious about your life…. Instead, seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you’” (Luke 12:22, 31 ESV).

Now more than ever, the world needs what Wheaton offers: servant leaders committed to ministering to the brokenhearted with hope and resilience.

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Now more than ever, the world needs what Wheaton offers: kingdom-leaders called to share God’s healing compassion with a hurting world.

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